Marc and Denis Bouyer are the fabulous directors behind the music video for K/DA’s ‘MORE’ which we created for Riot games. Bringing to life League of Legends champions Akali, Evelynn, Ahri, and Kai-Sa, along with guest artist Seraphine.

Recently the Bouyer twins took over our Insta stories to answer questions from followers and fans, including career advice and what it took to create the K/DA music video. Here are five of our faves…

What was the most fun part about the K/DA video? 

For Denis and I it was pre production. Loved being able to explore the look with all the artists involved. We worked with storyboarders and they provided rough research for each character, so we had a lot of material to discuss with the client which created an interactive story board and made it feel like a live action shoot working with reels, we were able to edit quickly. 

What was the hardest thing about the music video for K/DA’s ‘MORE’? 

Seraphine’s hair was a struggle! She has very long hair that goes to her ankles so it was a problem with the simulation for the dance moves. We had to build custom setups to achieve the stylized look while still keeping some elements of realism. There was a lot of back and forth between the groom artist, CFX, animation, rigging and the art director to make sure it looked good, it worked in animation the rigging matched the concept etc.  The hair team at Axis led by Camille Fourniols did an amazing job with it. 

Who’s your favorite K/DA girl?

Evelynn! Her whole design is cool and with her metal nails, it created cool opportunities for shots. It's also why they based a whole video around her and her metal nails later on. She had the most badass look of all the girls and was the design that was the easiest to adapt to 3D.

What do you look for the most when reviewing portfolios for character animation and VFX?

A good eye, good taste.

Consistency (better to have less work but quality stuff on your page).

Versatility, meaning they can adapt to different subjects.

Technique! Not just fun stuff but making sure you show you can handle the basics in a clean way. 

What's your best advice for those wanting a job in the industry?

  1. If you specialise in one thing (character design for example) it’s always good to know a little bit about the adjacent areas. For Marc for example as a director and Character Designer, it’s storyboarding, some 3D basics, just in case I need to translate an idea better, or a bit of compositing if I want the image to move a little. It doesn’t have to be good, plus you might discover you like something you didn’t think of! 

  2. Take the time to look at what people are doing and what works about it, whether it’s art or techniques. Be curious. Save the images, photos, animations and sculptures you like. Create your own visual ‘sphere’ so you can be more aware of your own stuff, not how it compares but how to make it grow. 

  3. There are tons of tutorials and resources for you to push your portfolio constantly. It’s good to have a proper technique for what you do, it makes you efficient!  

  4. Be nice to work with! Producers and management will be more likely to recontact you. 

  5. Go watch the ‘fuck you pay me’ video on YouTube. (Link)

For more details on how we created K/DA’s ‘MORE’ music video, check out the behind the scenes, or watch the full story takeover on Insta.