We’re super excited to show the world the work we did with Riot Games on the explosive music video for the single ‘MORE’ from virtual girl group sensation, K/DA.  Directors Marc and Denis Bouyer steered the creative vision for the project to deliver an animated music video that would resonate with K/DA fans.  

Taking influence from real K-pop and pop music videos, Axis ensured that the project was instantly recognisable as pop (both Western and K-pop) in style and aesthetic, adding a flair of fantasy in keeping with the League of Legends universe.

Axis worked with a team of over 80 artists for the creation of the 'MORE’ music video, lending a diverse range of skills to the final production.

Mocap references of sets and choreography informed the animatic and dynamic camera angles. Axis’ storyboard artists identified punchy transitions between environments and energetic dance sequences, creating natural rhythm and story beats, while lighting and set design were integral in individualising each K/DA character, creating atmosphere and emphasising their personality. 

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