We’re thrilled that our work on Kiss Me First took home the RTS Craft Award for Best Design – Programme Content Sequences! This is a fantastic achievement for all of our artists that worked so hard on the project. 

An epic TV thriller, Netflix and Channel 4’s Kiss Me First deployed an unprecedented level of CG, with Axis studios taking a driving seat in production. Traversing in and out of the series’ live-action sequences, the CG was comprised of 543 shots across 50 minutes of animated content; an impeccable production output across our trio of studios in Glasgow, Bristol and London. 

Creating the CG of Kiss Me First’s virtual realm Azana, this work included all of the pre-production and design of the characters and world, including the creation of emotive digital characters such as Shadowfax, Mania and Adrian, and large-scale environment work such as the sweeping battle sequences on a scale never before seen in a television drama – all designed to enhance and augment Kiss Me First’s immersive narrative.

We worked closely with production companies Balloon Entertainment and Kindle Entertainment, also collaborating with showrunner Bryan Elsley, executive producer Melanie Stokes, and live action directors Misha Manson-Smith and Tom Green, seamlessly merging animated content with a live-action storyline. With the emotional resonance of the digital characters being integral to the flow between reality and virtual reality, motion capture and facial capture allowed for the formation of digital counterparts to the onscreen actors. 

Watch a breakdown of our work on Kiss Me First below:

Behind The Scenes