FX Artist

Location: Glasgow


Contract: Freelance

Axis Studios is looking to hire experienced FX ARTISTS. The primary duties of the FX Artist are to build FX assets and produce an array of naturalistic physical or magical phenomena such as fire, water, clouds, smoke, physical destruction and particle set-ups and simulations on 3d projects.

A FX Artist is responsible for implementing these setups and simulations on specific shots and sequences and providing the LRC department with both test and final renders of the elements, ensuring the output meets the desired quality/budget targets set by the Studio for the 3d projects. Troubleshooting technical problems when required is also a primary responsibility of a FX-artist. 

The FX Artist is also required to help assist FX Technical Directors, Leads and Head of Department in guiding Junior members in the department, passing on technical and artistic knowledge in turn helping the growth of the Fx-Team.

The FX Artist should actively look to contribute to the general progression of the studio’s FX pipeline, by testing, providing feedback and when possible supporting departmental tools created by Technical Directors or senior team members.

This role can be performed remotely, with working hours overlapping GMT.


● Design and create realistic and stylised FX using Houdini FX. Including volumetric, particles, rigid bodies, vegetation, procedural animation amongst other simulation types for any kind of 3D project.
● Implementing FX-tools into shots or supporting other artists to implement your FX-assets into shots.
● Take responsibility for producing the final look of FX sequences, including applying lighting and shaders as well as integration with other CG elements when necessary.
● Responsible for handing over your work to the Lightning team. Following the FX-pipeline. Now and then required to create tools, utility scripts and digital assets to streamline the hand-over pipeline.
● Produce reviewable composites of all FX elements for a shot as well as final comps (as required).
● Work with production management to prioritize tasks and be responsible for your time management.
● Work in partnership with other departments to ensure that shots are delivered to the highest possible standard and toolsets are production ready
● Keep CG Supervisor/Lead and Head of FX informed of progress, changes and other critical issues.

Essential Skills & Experience:

● In depth knowledge of Houdini FX
● 2 + years production experience
● A thorough understanding of the techniques and technologies relating to FX simulation and procedural animation
● A working knowledge of at least one Compositing software, preferably Nuke or Fusion
● A solid understanding of the Compositing process
● Ability to integrate into existing pipeline infrastructure
● Ability to support yourself, other artists and take initiative
● Ability to understand and implement feedback
● Ability to interact with Directors, CG supervisors, Lead and Technical Artists, to determine creative and technical requirements of 3d projects 

Desirable Skills & Experience:

● Having an animation or commercials background
● Experience with Houdini expressions and vex coding
● Experience rendering with Houdini using Mantra and/or Arnold


Axis is committed to equal opportunities. Click here to find out more.