Here at Axis Studios, our locations are pinned in some of the UK’s most vibrant creative hubs. Alongside offering studios full of life and energy, we pride ourselves on our commitment to a hybrid and flexible approach to working. We understand the benefits of remote working, and of ultimately entrusting our teams with choice. This dynamic system is symbiotic, benefiting both the studio and our team. Through collaborating with the finest talent from across the world, we can harness the brilliance of diverse thought. Simultaneously, everyone at Axis has the freedom to get stuck in with their departments in-studio or dive into projects from their homes. 

Since 2020, each of our projects has been delivered utilising a remote, hybrid approach, including our first animated feature film with its crew spanning the globe- a clear testament to the success of this method of working.

When on-site, though, our teams get to create in the most vital and engaging cities in the UK and, according to the European Commission, the top cultural and creative centres as well. Glasgow and Bristol topped the list in a recent report on the cultural health of UK cities. Of course, the EC just confirmed what we’ve known all along – that we laid down roots in areas with vibrant and supportive arts, media, and entertainment communities.

Each city offers something a little different - but all of them boast rich arts, creative, food, and music scenes. Our flagship studio in Glasgow hosts over 100 artists, with a constantly expanding multicultural team that thrives on creating excellence in animation. We’re also a sociable bunch, with regular screenings, fancy dress, and a myriad of clubs to take part in, from whisky tasting to hillwalking. 

Our Bristol studio, specialising in VFX, is located at The Bottleyard Studios, an iconic production space that has been the set for shows such as Poldark and Sherlock. Our Bristol team are friendly, passionate film lovers nestled in this leading industry hub. And occupying one of the most bustling and adventurous cities in the world, our London team comprises a tight-knit group of ambitious creatives working on diverse projects for international clients.

We actively encourage our team to spend time in each studio in order to bolster these creative hubs and promote artist engagement and company culture. This may involve an artist visiting another studio for a couple of weeks while working on a cross-site project, or when suitable, moving to another location for a larger long-term project. 

We’re very lucky to be creating animation and VFX in these amazing locations, as well as remotely on a global scale. Eager to join us on our next adventure? Check out our full list of cross-studio and remote vacancies below: