The hugely popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering has gone viral with a cinematic trailer marketing its latest highly anticipated card set. Developed in partnership with Axis Studios, the Throne of Eldraine trailer is a tragic, action-packed love story with fairy tales . . . that fight back! With over eight million views on YouTube to date, the trailer peaked at #3 on trending worldwide 24 hours after its debut.

Centering the story around two gingerbread cookies, Axis Studios originally set out to create a 90-second character introduction. In the end, a three-minute-long animated love story came to life.

Set in a fairy-tale castle kitchen, all hell breaks loose when fan-favourite character Garruk enters and begins battling the guards. The two gingerbread cookies flee for their lives, narrowly escaping the perils of breaking china, milk tsunamis, and an evil-looking cauldron of boiling soup.