Our Marketing department are the storytellers of the storytellers, spreading the word of Axis Studios far and wide; our story and our work. The gurus of social media, branding, press and events, this passionate team makes sure the world knows why Axis is special.

Involved in all internal and external communications, with a flair for analytics and strategy, our Marketing team wear many hats, constantly talking, typing and tweeting about our collaborations, projects and achievements. From awards submissions and blog writing, to curating behind the scenes footage of our projects, you engage the studio across departments. 

A small but growing close-knit team, our Marketing department offers training, courses, and support for you to realise your potential and hone your skills, whether creative or critical. 

You live and breathe the brand. You rep the studio around the world. You shout it from the rooftops. 

We’ve been A/B testing and we know you’re the one. 

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